About The Stories Between

The Stories Between is a unique tribute website dedicated to archiving and celebrating life. Create a Stories Between Page:

  • Before or after the passing of a loved one.
  • To remember and archive stories about your life or the lives of your family members.
  • To celebrate and honor a significant life event such as a reunion or significant anniversary.

However you use it, you will create a long lasting page of crowd sourced stories and photos that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Why Choose The Stories Between?

  • Free pages with full capabilities to upload, share and archive.
  • Positive and uplifting environment with no ties to a funeral or obituary site.
  • Smooth and simple interface for everyone to share and upload stories and photos.
  • You can choose a public or private page, either way you or the page admin approves all stories and photos before they are posted for others to see.
  • No limit to the number of stories and photos that can be added to a page.
  • Search Engine Visible

The Stories Between is a positive place to celebrate all the days and stories that have made up the lives of those you love. It's so easy to get started. Simply upload a few favorite photos and write a bio for your honoree. Once that is done, with a click of a button just send out via email, Facebook or tweet your custom page to friends and family and then they add their stories, photos and memories.

Sample Pages

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Reasons to create a page:

  • Archive Family History
  • Recent or Impending Passing
  • Celebrate Life Events

People move on and memories live quietly in the minds of individuals, ultimately being lost as they pass on themselves. Until now, an entire life has often been summarized publicly by a birth date, death date, and a few words of condolence and sadness.

Every life, no matter how long or brief, is composed of many stories. This site, The Stories Between, is about collecting those stories and focusing on the days, challenges, triumphs, and inspirations that occur throughout a life.

A Stories Between Page is a long lasting present you can give to someone you care about or even for yourself. Go ahead and start a page today. You can begin logging personal memories or have your loved one share stories of their own life that they want to preserve.

The Stories Between is not a sad place focusing on the last moments or the loss. Instead, we celebrate with you all the wonderful stories, gestures, and challenges that make up a life, at any stage of life. We welcome you to join us in preserving and celebrating the important and much-loved people who have been part of your life and will continue to live on and inspire you.

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