Ready to Honor Someone?

Honor a family member, friend, create a family history page or celebrate an event! With a free Stories Between page you can provide a place for friends and family to share stories, upload photos and videos and forever enjoy the stories of their life.

It’s so easy…

  • Create a free Tribute Page using our simple template by adding up to six Banner photos and a bio. The bio can be edited and added to at any time so it’s okay if you aren’t completely sure what to write for now.
  • You will be able to choose your level of privacy for your page. You can opt for the page to be open to searches and contributors, or set to private requiring your approval for others to view and submit stories. Either way, you (or any admin you choose) will get to read and approve all stories and photos before they are posted for others to see.
  • The creator of the page will hold the administrative/approval rights but they can be transferred or shared with anyone you choose at any time. So if you want to get a page started for someone you will be able to hand over those rights at any time they feel they are ready. Or you can have multiple admins, it’s totally up to you.
  • Once you get the banner photo and bio in place you simply hit Publish and send via social media or email your specific Stories Between link so friends and family can share and archive their stories, memories and photos.

Sample Pages

Click on a box below to view a sample story.

Reasons to create a page:

  • Archive Family History
  • Recent or Impending Death
  • Celebrate Life Events