Kylee Brooke Webster earned her angel wings on October 11, 2013 after a two year battle with a rare cancer known as Sarcoma.  Kylee was a little sister to her brother Allan Webster, daughter to Darlene Webster and Allan Webster Sr. and Godmother to her godson Aiden Webster.  Also, she was a dear friend to many, many people and touched everyone in a very special way on many levels.  Kylee was a drug addictions counselor for many years for the Harford County Health Department and helped kids with addictions get to a better place.  Kylee also loved dance and taught kids throughout her life in dance.  During her battle with Sarcoma, she was always positive and strong for all those around her and was always able to get to her "happy place" no matter the obstacles.  Loved more than can be described and a hero to so many.  Our family started a non profit in her honor called Kylee's Dancing Angels where we grant "happy place" wishes to those battling Sarcoma.  Just as Kylee did in her journey, we help others get to their "happy place" with funding for things such as hobbies, small trips, or anything that can help a Sarcoma fighter get to their "happy place."  Please visit our Facebook page to see the inspiration Kylee was and is to so many out there.  We are creating this page to let others tell how Kylee touched their lives. Whether it is something she did to help you along the way, a funny time you had with Kylee, or just what she means to you.  Please share with us a story about Kylee and include a photo to show what Kylee is to you.  I know there are plenty of great stories, and this is a venue to share not only your love for Kylee, but to help Kylee's family and friends smile and carry on her great legacy.  We are excited to become a member of The Stories Between.  Let's give the world a good look at what Kylee Brooke Webster was and still is to all of us!

I am Allan Webster, Kylee's only and older brother. She was my 7 year younger sister, but as many of us know, the older and most times the more responsible one, lol. Kylee and I had many adventures in life some of which I plan on sharing as I add to this page in the months ahead. I plan on making everyone not only laugh and remember but also give you a look into her heart and who she was and still is. I want to start off with telling everyone how special she is to my now 6 year old son Aiden. Aunt Kylee as he calls her was his hero and still is. A special bond that can only be explained as magical. You could watch Aiden and Kylee from a distance as they played and shared time and you knew something was just there connecting them that would never be broken. Aiden's laugh and smile with Aunt Kylee could not be described as anything but real. Belly laughs and secret smiles made you feel like you were truly witnessing something special and that "love" was in the room. I know Kylee talks to Aiden often and I know he feels her near often. Whether it is a question out of the blue, asking me to "shoot his stomp rocket" high enough so Aunt Kylee can see it or his request to take the superhero book that Kylee gave him on his 4th birthday into school for show and tell because Aunt Kylee is his "super hero" There is a tie that binds that makes my heart stay full. My promise to Kylee is to never let Aiden forget those times and I know that there is no need to worry because she is with him everyday, this I know.

~ Allan Webster


I am Kylee's Dad, Allan Sr. Very early on in Kylee's life I noticed she had a sneaky side. One Christmas Eve in Fallston we were all getting ready to go to church and Kylee and her brother were at the kitchen table aggravating each other, I remember telling them to stop several times, but they continued. At one point I heard Kylee tell him he had better stop or he was going to be sorry, he kept it up. I was watching from the family room and saw Kylee get close to him and put her arm around him like she was hugging him, little did I know in her other hand was a #2 lead pencil. At some point she stabbed him in the rear end with the pencil and took off running upstairs to her room with me right behind her. I did not think of stopping to render first aid to Allan who was screaming on the kitchen floor he was going to die of lead poisoning, it never broke the skin. As I grabbed for her leg running up the stairs she broke free to the safety of her room, unfortunately my foot prevented her from closing the door. I chased her around the bed and caught her by the wall, never touched her, but through the years she told everybody she could that she was beaten within an inch of her life, she loved telling the story. During the melee her Mom threatened to throw the xxxx Christmas tree out in the backyard and as usual, I was the bad guy. We all went to church that night, I sat by myself, her Mom, her and her brother sat together, I should have stayed on the couch.....

~ Allan Webster Sr


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