I heard Annie’s 18th Birthday would have been today. I never knew Annie personally but the playground shows Annie must have been; a loving, caring, and joyful person to have a playground like this for one little girl must have been awfully special.

I have been taking my daughters and our family dog there for many years. I would be studying while the girls were playing and at times taking a break and joining them. One day I remembered saying to the girls it was time to leave, and Julie, Abi, and Mary asked to stay longer, it ended up that particular day we stayed for over two hours. I asked my daughters what they liked about the playground, looking to get an answer like; the slides, or the swings instead they replied, “What isn’t there to like, we like everything.” It is like having a huge playground just not in our backyard.

Even thou my daughters are growing up and moving on, two of them still play there. And this year I will start a new tradition I will be bringing my grandson in hopes that he too will experience the joy my daughters have.

Ileen McClure

~ Ileen McClure