I met little Annie years ago at a lawn concert at Ladew Gardens. She and her family were enjoying the wonderful evening and music that was playing. I was there with my family and Annie's aunt Kate. It was a brief meeting as Annie and her siblings played and danced to the music like little girls would do.
After hearing of the tragic loss and learning that a dedication and a playground was being constructed by hundreds of volunteers in her memory, I visited the site to see the progression. I drove to the parking lot with my mom and could not hold back the tears. I am melting down while writing this. I could not get over the amount of love that was coming from the site. How wonderful it was to see the coming together of a community of friends, family and strangers in expressing their love for Annie and her family.
I sincerely hope that Annie knows how much she is remembered and loved by us all. I am sending prayers to her family and to our little Angel in Heaven ~ Annie.

Barb Ballard

~ Barbara Ballard