My daughter Stacy McCue, her two boys Nathan and Colin and I were at the playground the day of the ribbon cutting and dedication. We were there by chance as it was a nice day and we were looking to take the boys somewhere outside to play. Although Stacy and I were familiar with the story of what had happened to Annie we had no idea it was the day of the dedication.
As we got out of the car and walked over we could hear people speaking and luckily for us got to hear the family speak.
What an emotional joyful day that was!
Oh and what a crowd! In fact since the boys were so young at the time, just 4 and 2 it was a bit overwhelming as they quickly got lost in the crowd.
We have been back several times and in fact I just had my 7 year old Granddaughter Pieper, sister to the boys, and her friend Darby there this past summer.
I have also had the boys see Annie's beautiful gravesite. They know her story as well.
Having the playground in her memory is a blessing. What better tribute could there be for a little girl taken way too soon than a playground filled with laughter of kids just her age.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter with the rest of us. I cannot even imagine the number of silent prayers sent each time someone visits.

~ Dee Dee Barnhill