I never met or knew Annie, but her story has touched my family. We have three boys..... a 6 year old boy and twin 3 year old boys. We have played at Annie's Playground countless times. I have told Annie's story to my boys. I have explained to them, the importance of never stepping into a street without their mom. So now every time they get to a street corner, they freeze and say "Remember Annie?". Although the choice was not hers, my boys have learned a lesson. You have no idea how much that means to me. Another touching part that I wanted to share with you, is that every time my boys have or go to a party with balloons, they always ask if they can give their balloons to "Annie in the sky" They release them to the sky and say "this is for you Annie." They don't even know her, but they truly care for her.

--Amy Caplan

~ Amy Caplan