Annie's Playground

Annie's Playground serves as a tribute and proof of the impact Annie had on everyone in her short life. And through the Playground she continues to impact kids every day.

What ultimately became Annie's Playground actually started as a bench. It's funny to think about now, the simple thought of a bench to be placed at her school, St. Margaret's in Bel Air, MD. What we soon learned is that a bench was not going to be enough to honor Annie. The outpouring of support and desire to do something substantial from the community soon led us to look into the feasibility of a volunteer built Playground.

Once Harford County provided the land the Playground concept quickly went from dream to reality. From 2003 to 2005 a group of 100% volunteers raised money, rallied support, held fundraisers and ordered equipment. Over the course of 13 days in September of 2005, over a thousand members of Annie's community joined together to bring Annie's Playground from schematic drawings and piles of boards, nuts and bolts to what stands today - a one acre tribute to not just Annie but all children who were lost too soon due to accident or illness.

It was everyone's hope and goal that through Annie's Playground, her life, although cut so short would have meaning and bring joy to everyone who has the chance to visit her special place for many, many years.

~ Sharon Perfetti