Annie was not only my niece, she was my Godchild. She was so beautiful...inside and out. Mom and I would say she looked like our side, the little Polish Girl! I enjoyed taking care of the girls when they were little when Tom and Megan would go away for Tom's work trip. All the girls would play with my son Evan and daughter, Adri. They would pitch a tent downstairs and play the music loud and dance around. One day they decided to put on a play and Annie came upstairs crying (she did that since her feelings would get hurt). I asked what was wrong and she said, "I don't know who to be". I consoled her and said just be yourself since you are the most wonderful little princess in the whole wide world. She agreed and head downstairs. I remember her raspy voice and big toothless smile!
Will never forget you, Annie. Until we meet again!
Aunt Reenie

~ Lorene Tompros