Welcome to The Stories Between Blog

Welcome to The Stories Between blog! We are so excited to kick off this new feature of our tribute website. The Stories Between believes that everyone has a story and that everyone deserves to be heard. Our goal is to give everyone a platform to share those stories and perspectives.

Our blog is devoted to celebrating and reflecting on life, its challenges, regrets, successes, and failures. Because even though we are all different, the experiences of life can be universal. However, we don’t focus on the negative and unfairness of life. We are here to celebrate life and the rollercoaster challenges and successes it hands us.

We strive to connect people through shared stories and shared experiences. It’s tough and emotional, often downright painful, to share real, candid thoughts. But for those brave enough to do so your voice becomes invaluable to so many others. What you have to say will resonate and will make a difference.

So this blog will be primarily written by you, our readers! You have the life experience and we want you to share it. While our Stories Between tribute pages will still invite people to honor and archive their loved ones, our blog will explore so many more topics and themes. We have created a few to get started but we also know this will be ever evolving, just like you.

1. Ordinary Influencers: How Ordinary People Have Helped Shape Extraordinary Lives – Readers reveal and honor that person or moment who had a profound impact on the path of their lives. Just answer the question – Who or what had the greatest impact on the path of your life. Don’t overthink it, most likely someone or event has already popped into your head. Now write about that and how it has altered your life and put you where you are now.

2. Hindsight – That single greatest challenge, regret, success or failure. We gather thoughts and reflections in an effort to learn from the past experience and wisdom of each other. This can be about you or go ahead and talk to someone much older and wiser and gather their insight to share with us. This feature may at times be written in third person as the result of an interview done with someone else especially an elderly person. We love what they have to say!

3. Silver Linings – You hear it all the time, people talking about an illness, challenge or loss but instead of complaining or feeling sorry for themselves, they are talking about the positive light it brought into their life. They have been able to see the silver lining shining through an otherwise overwhelming and defeating time. Our Silver Linings articles celebrate and highlight that positive outlook. Tell us about your life altering experience and the good that came through it.

4. Letters to our Loved Ones – Working through grief is a long and arduous process but remembering and honoring is vital to healing. In Letters to our Loved Ones we hear from individuals as they talk to important people who are no longer in their lives.

5. Celebrating Life – Resources and articles that highlight unique and creative ways to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones.

6. Memories – Our writers reflect on their favorite memories, how these memories continue to impact them and how they continue to honor loved ones through traditions and stories.

7. Grief – Personal accounts of how our readers have worked through their grief or continue to do so. First hand stories of how loss has affected them and ways they have learned to cope. These articles offer insight into issues like time, what to say or do and what not to say or do.

8. Circling Back: Revisiting People and Places from Our Past– This series will be written by Val Walker, author of The Art of Comforting and a leading expert in empathy and “being there.” She will be exploring and reporting on the benefits of revisiting our past.

We would love to hear your stories and celebrate life along with you! If you would like to contribute just hit the submit a story link or to learn more check out our Submission Guidelines (which is a lot of this same info).

Either way, we look forward to sharing our collective thoughts and stories with you!