Birthdays are just that...a celebration of the day of our birth. Annie is our precious child who left too soon. Even though she is not physically here...our whole family feels her presence a thousand ways. In her sisters faces, in songs we hear, in memories we hold dear. I would rather have her here with us to celebrate the day of her birth but that is not to be. So we all embrace our memories of her and talk about her any time we can. She is woven into the fabric of this family as if she were physically here with us. The pain is still so monumental at times and our hearts still break at the thought of our loss, but we are so proud of her mom and dad and her three amazing sisters who persevere everyday. Who live on and bring their beautiful sister forward with them. She will forever be 6 and they will live strong, loving lives that Annie would be so proud of. I still thank God that we had her with us because her life mattered and she gave us all so much joy. Can't equate the joy with anything tangible, I just know the love she gave us all has to be enough to get us through. She loved BIG and she loved LOUD!!!! Miss you little Annie McGannie
Your MOST Favorite Aunt!! :-)
Aunt Erin

~ erin kleinman