My mom's story gives me a feeling that I can not describe. I am so utterly bonded to those Dixie Chicks songs of Annie's. (Because they're all "Annie's songs" to me.) God she really did love to sing her favorites on that CD. The second she was settled in her seat, you could almost always count on her asking so sweetly (in that way she would) for the number of one she liked.
She really liked number 12. A six minute song called "To the Top of the World".
We all loved that one. It just was so beautiful. It had this awesome finale that just did everything a finale should...It left you right there out in the song.

my favorite time in particular...
..there we all always per usual singing at the top of our lungs...loving every second.... we are in my moms tiny blue car...the big finale comes on as we are pulling down into the driveway...Annie's voice sings out louder & more beautiful than her usual... I look at her in the rearview mirror. She is squeezing her eyes tight, head tilted back, truly belting out the ending. She's goin for it. When she finishes she pops her smiling eyes open and looks right at me, like she knew I'd be watching. she flashes me her smile. I see a big dimple. I hear her giggle.
I hold on tight to that spirit of hers.
Lets make her proud. In her honor, go for it. Belt it out to the top of the world. and smile.

~ Emily McGann