Happy Birthday, Annie! Your legacy of love, laughter and strength still live on in the children who are fortunate enough to visit Annie's Playground!
In SMS kindergarten class that year there were five girls named some form of Anna- Annie F., Annie C., Annelise, Anna Marie and Anna. Three of them had birthdays within a month of each other! Every year as Christmas and Anna's birthday week pass, I think "Annie would soon be that age." I think back to Anna and Annie playing with the toy kitchen at school. I think about Annie's pink Halloween costume that year and how cold everyone was when we took the picture outside. I remember her at Anna's birthday party leaning forward as Anna blew out the candles. Little snapshots of such a big picture by all those who were fortunate enough to know her and her family. This picture inspired her family and a community to make sure her sweet life would be remembered happily by all those fortunate to pass through the gates of Annie's Playground­čÄł

~ Mary Jo Linscott