You were always an angel to us Annie but, sometime after you became an true angel you visited me and Claire and Fiona in my sweet dreams.

What actually happened was this... Claire and Fiona shared a bedroom at the time - two twin beds across the room facing each other. Claire woke in the middle of the night, probably around 3 am in a cluster of seizures. I got in bed with her to hold her and they just wouldn't stop.

After 15 - 20 minutes I started to doze while holding her and praying to God for the seizures to stop. I was very sad when suddenly you appeared Annie! You were dressed in a soft white nightgown - like you always liked to wear. You seemed weightless and so gracefully floated/ climbed up into bed with us. sqwatting with your knnes tucked up to your chin, you wrapped one arm around your knees and with the other, you stroked claires forehead and hair. You were silently saying, "Shhhh" trying to calm her jolting body.

Amazingly, it worked. The seizures stopped and then you smiled at me and jsut as graciously and weightlessly you climbed back down, tiptoed over to Fiona's bed and kissed her cheek and floated out of the room.

I woke at that point and Claire truly had stopped seizing. I carried that sweet interaction with you with me from that day until this.

Some say, dreams are all your imagination working with your memory to conjure these encounters up. This may be true - but even if it is - isn't is still mriaculous and beautiful and comforting that God made us with imaginaitons and memories that bless us with the gift of dreams...I love you Annie!

~ lisa mcgann